2016-2017 SC Division Officers

  1. Division Chair:  Frank Smid, Foothills Fencing Academy
  2. Vice Chair:  Ian Dube, Edge of America Fencing
  3. Secretary:  Patrick Lausi, Edge of America Fencing
  4. Treasurer:  Seth Law, Columbia Fencers Club

 2016-2017 Executive Committee Members

  • Frank Smid (FFA)
  • Ian Dube (CHS)
  • Patrick Lausi (EOAF)
  • Seth Law (CFC)
  • Robert Mones (EOAF)
  • Michael Edgecomb (Summerwood)
  • Philip Crotwell (CFC)
  • Matthew Smid (FFA)
  • Jane Littmann (CFC)
  • Daniel Johnson (CFC)