2017 SC Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers and Bookends Tournament

SC Division Announcement

The SC Division JO Qualifiers are scheduled for Sunday, December 11th in Columbia, SC. The division will also be hosting a second tournament which will run concurrently at the same venue on the same date as the JO Qualifiers. This tournament, called the Bookends tournament, will include three-weapon events for Vet Combined as well as Y12 fencers. Below are some general details about the tournaments. The tournaments have been posted on askFRED. Go to the SC Division Calendar Page and click on the tournament listings in the Calendar Table.

  • The tournaments will be held at The Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center in Columbia, SC.
  • The sign-up criteria and deadlines are different between the two tournaments. The JO Qualifier events have an early pre-registration cutoff date. This is so that fencers will know sufficiently in advance whether their event is being fenced and can make travel arrangements. Note that if circumstances change, we may push the cutoff to a later date. All fencers must pre-register AND pre-pay online on askFRED for JO Qualifier events. There will be NO WALK-INS permitted.
  • The Bookends tournament events are open for all USFA fencers, not just SC Division fencers. Walk-ins will be permitted. Pre-payment online is not required but is encouraged and is discounted. Payment at the venue will cost more.

    If you have any specific questions please address them to the division chair.