Update on 2015 SC Division Qualifiers

Hello Friends,

We’ve had to shift Epee to SUNDAY with all other events in order to accommodate some last-minute Referee coverage changes. All events, and Annual Meeting are now Sunday, May 3.

The good news is that we’re also striking the Late Fee and **extending regular pricing** to Wednesday, 29 April at 11:59pmFlyers are updated. If you or your friends waited to the last minute, now’s the time to get them to sign up. Payments are also the lower rate. Please pay online if you can–It will help us give you the most timely start.

If you can no longer come due to the schedule changes, please contact us by WEDNESDAY for a full refund. We have also received confirmation that you may also file a Petition Form for entrance into the Summer National Championships. To apply online, check the Summer National Championships Page on www.usfencing.org.

Proxy Vote Forms are located on the Documents Page and must be received 72h before the meeting. Scanned/emailed is fine.

Thank you!

Susan Hazel
SC Division Chair